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Fulfill your daily crypto cravings as we deliver news and project updates directly from your lock screen.

Coin Tracking & Portfolio Management (Coming Soon!)

Keep up to date with the latest prices and action in the market. Manage and monitor your cryptocurrency portfolio with our easy to use interface.

Rewarding Experience

A consolidated place to complete tasks for crypto airdrop and earndrop campaigns - right at your fingertips.

SWIPE Network Pioneer

Blockpost is powered by SWIPE SDK, a pioneer of it’s capabilities. Earn SWIPE tokens inside Blockpost today!


What is the benefit of using Blockpost?
Blockpost provides you with the latest and up-to-date crypto information from a multitude of trusted sources. In addition, you can also participate in our earndrop missions and earn cryptocurrency.
How do I refer my friends to use Blockpost?
Send your referral code or referral link to your friends and start enjoying Blockpost contents. Keep a lookout on our referral campaign for referral rewards.
When can I download iOS version of Blockpost?
We are working around the clock on the development of the iOS version. Please check back to our website for an announcement on the launch of our iOS App.